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The Smart Switch mobile app allows you to manage your home devices at your fingertips. It gives you a holistic experience that not only keeps your home safe but also allows you to use your appliances effectively. With its simple design and intuitiveness, anyone in your home - from a young adult to a senior citizen - can use the app.

Take control of home while away

Do you worry about the safety of home while you are out of town? You can put your fears to rest using the eGrid home automation solution. While you are away, you can still make people believe you are at home! Switch on and off lights of your home from anywhere in the world.

Set schedules and forget

Did you forget to switch on the geyser again? Not anymore. Set up the switch on/off schedules of your appliances once and forget about it. You will never have to take a cold bath or walk into a hot room again. With its scheduling feature, you can choose the specific days and time for each of your appliances to switch on/off.

Track power consumption

It is easy to track the power consumption of each device in every room. The monthly power consumption report breaks it down to weekly power usage and how much each device has consumed power. It provides a comparative analysis of reports from previous months and average and maximum power consumption to date. You can regulate your power consumption by taking corrective actions.

Switches sense your motion

Did you leave in a hurry and forgot to switch off lights? The sensors-enabled switch will automatically switch off the lights/fans when no motion is detected. It will also switch on the devices enabled with sensors when you step into the house. You can enable three switches with sensors in a room. So, no more knocking over in the dark.

One for all

Get your eGrid Hub and download the Smart Switch mobile app. Once you set it up, scan the devices to configure them within the app. No typing or arranging them per room. The Smart Switch app will add all these switches and group them under each room. You need to just rename the room and switches as per your convince.

Locate the switch

Do you have trouble locating a switch on your mobile app? Using the ‘locate the switch’ feature, you can locate it either from the switchboard or the app. Switch on the ‘blue button’ for the unnamed switch and follow the blue blink on your app. As you move from one room to the other, the switch on the switchboard will start blinking once it locates it.

Theft Control

The theft control feature will alert you if it detects any uninvited motion in any of the rooms while your house is locked. It will notify you with precise information about the time and the room where the activity has been detected. You can also choose to disable the Theft Control feature for select rooms such as a pet room.

AI-driven Smartness

You will be notified of any abnormal pattern or high power consumption and insights are provided to act upon them. It will also switch off the lights automatically during day time. Using your ‘presence pattern’ it will activate the Theft Control mechanism. That’s not all. As you near home in the night, the lights will be switched on!

Universal IR Control

With Universal IR, you can fine-grain control the ACs, fans, curtains and other devices remotely. It allows you to control devices from a wide range of manufactures.

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You can go-live in just few hours with the ready-to-use Smart Switches as soon as you purchase the eGrid Home Automation solution.

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eGrid Home Automation solution is your home’s care taker. Live a life stress-free while our home solution saves your energy consumption and safeguards your home in every possible way.

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You can go-live in just few hours with the ready-to-use Smart Switches as soon as you purchase the eGrid Home Automation solution.

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